WarmCrochet™ Elizabeth Scissors ( Full Set of 3 )


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To order 1 pair only ➡ ( WarmCrochet™ Elizabeth Scissors ) 

🔸 WarmCrochet™ scissors Full Set is :

  • Discounted by 35%.
  • 3 colors : Red Bronze - Silver - Bronze
  • TSA Compliant ( under 4 inches from the pivot point )
  • Made from high quality stainless steel and alloy.
  • Processed with a special hardness and professionally designed for durability and sharp blades.
  • Fine grinding alloy handle feels more comfortable in your hand.
You'll be surprised by the weight of them.

    🔸 Here's what you'll like about the Full Set:

    1. Best Christmas Gift and treat ( 3 beautiful colors ).
    2. They are incredibly sharp and work wonders for clipping threads or fabric.
    3. They are lightweight and fit in your hand nicely.
    4. They are pointy to get into tight corners.
    5. They can snip into tight embroidery or sew stitch.
    6. They cut ribbon and twine cleanly.
    7. They are very sturdy and durable.
    8. They are even more beautiful in person.
    9. They are perfect to use as a prop in your flat lay photos.
    10. They are so darn cute!!
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    If you are having trouble completing your order,
    please send us your order details at support@warmcrochet.com .

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