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WarmCrochet™ Magic Pen
WarmCrochet™ Magic Pen
WarmCrochet™ Magic Pen
WarmCrochet™ Magic Pen

WarmCrochet™ Magic Pen

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🔸 Here's how it works:

🔸 Here's what you'll like about it:

  1. Embroidery is made easier with this Magic Embroidery Pen! 
  2. The crafting needle handle is ergonomically designed and makes use of three different needle sizes: small, medium and large. 
  3. It is convenient to use. 
  4. There are two threader sizes; the bigger one is at the opposite end of punch needle and the small is for the needle eye.

🔸 Type of Fabric to use :

  • Most woven fabrics work well with the punch needle technique; however, some work better than do others.
  • Fabric made from a blend of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, especially weaver's cloth, remains a leading choice for punchneedle projects.
  • Experts recommend that beginners of this embroidery form learn on Aida cloth, Irish linen, or Hardanger cloth.
  • Fabrics without a weave may accept punchneedle stitches by ironing a polyester and cotton blend interface onto the back of the base fabric.
  • Denim is a tightly woven cotton fabric that provides an excellent base for punch needle designs.
  • The heavier weight denim works better than the lightweight kind.
  • Use a heavy denim when embroidering with 4-ply yarn or ribbon 
  • Use medium-weight denim if embroidering with 2-ply yarn or three to six strands of embroidery floss.

🔸 Type of Fabric to not use :

  • Denim that contains stretch polyester should not be used for punch needle projects.
  • Never use a stretchy fabric for punch needle projects because the ability to stretch negates the need for tautness.
  • Also, avoid using 100 percent cotton because this fabric does not open up its weave to allow the needle to punch through; instead, as the needle punches a stitch, it rips the threads of the fabric, which destroys the project.
🔸 Our Punch Needle is :
  • Suitable for many stitching method.
  • Will allow you to back-stitch, loop, satin stitch and to complete any project
  • Making stitching as quick as drawing a picture!
  • Such a new and exciting way to create custom three dimensional designs in needle artwork without the need for an expensive machine or accessories.
    🔸 Package Contents:
    • 1x Handle
    • 1x 1.3mm Punch Needle WD-PN-101
    • 1x 1.6mm Punch Needle WD-PN-102
    • 1x 2.2mm Yarn Needle WD-PN-103
    • 2x Needle Threader WD-PN-200

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