WarmCrochet™ Scissors

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" Aren't these the loveliest little scissors you ever did see? you'll feel privileged to own a pair of these gorgeous scissors. They're really sharp, and will fit your hands perfectly. It's fun to use something so elegant and beautiful - I start daydreaming of Victorian times, when needlework reigned supreme, lol. "

WarmCrochet™ scissors are made from high quality stainless steel and alloy. The scissors are processed with a special hardness and professionally designed for durability and sharp blades. Fine grinding alloy handle feels more comfortable in your hand. You'll be surprised by the weight of them.

🔸 Here's what you'll like about them:

  1. They are super sharp.
  2. They are lightweight and fit in your hand nicely.
  3. They come in 4 colors: Red Bronze, Silver, Gold and Bronze.
  4. They are small enough to fussy cut paper.
  5. They can snip into tight embroidery or sew stitch.
  6. They cut ribbon and twine cleanly.
  7. They are perfect to use as a prop in your flat lay photos.
  8. They are so darn cute!!
  9. They are a great gift.

The scissors are perfect for trimming small pieces of paper or snipping thread or yarn while sewing. They also look fantastic in your planner or scrapbooking layouts as a little glint of gold, silver or bronze!

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